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Video Poker Rules

Like most casino games, video poker is a game of chance and skill. It pits you against the dealer. You are dealt a hand of five cards, and the dealer is dealt one card facing up. Based on the strength of your hand and on the value of the dealer’s one card you must decide whether to increase your bet to maximize your winnings or to fold to minimize your loss. Should you choose to call (i.e. not fold) and should the dealer’s hand ‘qualify’ (contain an Ace-King pair or better) you will be paid out according to a schedule based on the value of your hand.

In this game it's you against the dealer! The object is to beat the dealer’s poker hand.

At the beginning of each game, you are required to put up an ‘Ante’ bet. This amount appears on the Ante box. To increase or decrease the Ante bet, click on the relevant Increase or Decrease button to change your bet size. You may use larger chip sizes by selecting the relevant size you desire from the ‘Chip Size’ menu.

Once you have set your ‘Ante’ bet, click the ‘Deal’ button. You will be dealt 5 cards and the dealer 1 card, all these cards will be turned face up. If your hand consists of any of the poker combinations it will show which combination next to the cards dealt. You now have the choice to 'Call' or 'Fold', by clicking the appropriate button.

If you fold, you will automatically lose your Ante and can start again. If you 'Call' an additional wager equal to double the Ante is required. This second amount is called your 'Bet'. The Bet is automatically deducted from your balance when you press the ‘Call’ button. If you do not have the funds to make the Bet you will not be able to complete the game. You must go and purchase additional credits before completing this hand. Once you 'Call' the dealer is dealt a further 4 cards which are then revealed to you.

If the dealer’s hand does not have a rank of at least an ace-king the dealer fails to qualify. If this occurs the game is over. Your bet is returned to you together with double your ante, irrespective of the value of your cards.

If the dealer’s hand does qualify (i.e. the dealer has a hand of an ace-king or higher), it is then compared to your hand. If the dealer’s hand is superior, you lose both your ‘Ante’ and your bet. If the dealer’s hand is inferior, you receive twice your ‘Ante’ and you are paid out on your bet according to the payout schedule. The odds that your hand will pay out will be shown with the hand information that is displayed on screen during play, which will be as shown in the ‘Payout Schedule’.

If both your hand the dealer’s tie on rank, the party with the next highest-ranking card is the winner. If there is an absolute tie, you get all your money back.

Once the game is over, you will have the chance to change your Ante and begin again.

If you have not got enough credits to make an Ante and a bet, you will receive a notification that you have insufficient funds to continue playing. At this point you will have to purchase more credits to play.

Like any other game video poker has certain rules.

The Dealer must get at least an Ace-King to qualify. Should the dealer fail to qualify the player will be paid his bet and double his ante.

The game is played with a single standard deck of 52 cards and has no wild cards.

Your ante will remain on the table until the game is completed.


The Video Poker Hands

These are the combinations that make up the standard poker hands and will be used in calculating the winnings of the player in this particular game.

Royal Flush

This is the highest hand in video poker and consists of the following cards:

A K Q J 10 all of the same suit.

Straight Flush

This is a combination of five sequential cards of the same suit.

E.g. 7 8 9 10 J of diamonds.

Four of a Kind

This is a combination of four of the same cards.

E.g. four 10's or four Jacks.

Full House

This is a combination of three cards of one denomination and two cards of another denomination.

E.g. K K K 9 9 or A A Q Q Q etc.


Five cards of the same suit.

E.g. 5 J 7 Q K of Hearts.


Five cards in sequence of any suit.

E.g. 6 7 8 9 10 or 8 9 10 J Q.

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same denomination and two unmatched cards.

E.g. K K K 3 6 or 5 5 5 K 9.

Two Pairs

Two different pairs and any fifth card.

E.g. J J 4 4 6 or A A Q Q K.

One Pair

Two cards of the same denomination.

E.g. 7 7 3 J K or K K A 3 J.


The hand includes an ace and a king.

E.g. 7 3 1 A K or K A 3 J 7.


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video poker
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Video Poker Rules - Poker Strategy